Saturday, 1 April, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle and Helen Wood call truce!

Ashleigh and Helen have sorted out their differences and have agreed to start afresh in the Big Brother house.

After a week of gossiping, arguments and fall outs Helen Wood and Ashleigh Coyle have finally agreed to start afresh in the Big Brother house.

This decision came after Ashleigh decided that she wanted to stay in the house after moaning all last week about how she wanted to leave.


She vowed last night: “I’m starting a new slate with absolutely everybody.”

Helen told her: “Little Chris said to me, he went ‘If you watch the first two weeks I found you impossible and I didn’t understand you, and I said a lot of things in the Diary Room’ and I went ‘So what? You had every right to’.

“What you don’t understand I’m a difficult person to understand but if you look beyond that you’ll find out I’m a really good friend.”


She added: “Not everyone is like me and I’m not like everyone else.”

Ashleigh replied: “We [Chris and I] both want to try with you.”

Helen concluded: “I think something went massively wrong with me and you… but they’re gone.”

But will this newly found peace last until Monday’s face to face nominations?


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