Last night, Kimberly avoided the live eviction after being rushed out of the house due to medical reasons.

Earlier today Big Brother confirmed that Kimberly is still ‘unwell’ and will not be returning to the house.

This morning, Big Brother gathered the housemates on the sofas to make the announcement.

Big Brother told the housemates:

“Yesterday, Big Brother told you that Kimberly left the house for medical reasons. Big Brother can now give you an update.”

“Kimberly is being treated for her condition and is getting better, but, unfortunately, is not well enough to return to the house.”

Big Brother concluded: “Kimberly will not be returning to the Big Brother house.”

The announcement shocked the half asleep housemates with cries of disappointment from the group.

“She must be very sick,” Helen Wood declared. “It must be bad whatever it is.”

Boyfriend Steven said: “Oh no… she would have never given it up… that was a horrible bit of news, wasn’t it?”

It still remains unclear what has happened to Kimberly and why she was taken unwell.

But the news has seen viewers encourage Big Brother to return Danielle McMahon to the house after she was evicted last night.

The new housemates chose to get rid of Danielle but had originally decided to evict Kimberly before her illness ruled her out.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.