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Big Brother 2014: Nominations confirmed after HUGE nominations twist!

After a HUGE nominations twist, who will be facing eviction this week?

This week we saw the power return to the house in the form of a power alliance which consisted of Ashleigh Coyle, Chris R Wright and Mark Byron.

The Power Alliance had to pick who they would like to nominate this week, delivering one name at a time to the Control Room before Big Brother announced their choices to the group.


First to be nominated was Steven Goode, followed by Ash Harrison.

The Power Alliance then got help from evicted housemates  Biannca Lake, Matthew Davies and Danielle McMahon, who all returned to the house to give the Power Alliance their opinion and advice on who they should nominate.

After talking to the evicted housemates Ashleigh, Chris and Mark all agreed that they should nominate Pavandeep Paul and Zoe Birkett.


Yesterday evening Big Brother pulled a BIG twist.

After announcing Zoe as the latest nominated housemate, Big Brother revealed to the house: “Earlier this week, a secret Power Alliance was created in the house formed of three housemates. These three housemates alone decided who faced eviction this week.

“Housemates, it’s time to feel the full force of the Power.”

The three power housemates then revealed themselves, with Helen bitching: “So much for having a nice week and getting along like happy families, what a load of s**t.”

Big Brother explained: “You have had the Power but that power will come at a cost.

“Nominated housemates, you have two choices to make, you must chose which one of you is saved from eviction and which member of the Power alliance replaces you.”

The four nominated housemates chose Ash to be saved and replaced him with Ashleigh.

As a result, Ashleigh, Pav, Steven and Zoe face eviction this week.

Who do you want to leave the Big Brother house this week? Discuss on our forum page.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5 followed by Big Brother Bit On The Side where Rylan will be talking to ex housemate Kimberly Kisselovich.

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