Friday, 29 September, 2023

Former Radio 1 presenter Mike Smith has died, aged 59!

Tonight it has been reported, former Radio 1 presenter Mike Smith has died at the age of 59 in Hospital.

The presenter died in hospital yesterday following complications connected to his recent major heart surgery.

Mike’s wife Sarah Greene, TV personality paid tribute to the staff at the hospital where he died yesterday.

Smith’s fellow Breakfast Show star Mike Read has paid tribute to Mike Smith today, saying:

“The news is just devastating. Sarah and Mike were a wonderful couple – it is truly horrible to hear.”

“I knew Mike as there were only five of us to have presented the Breakfast Show at that time.

“He became a mainstay of Radio 1, was highly successful on television too, and started up his own business which he was very good at. “I worked with Sarah for a number of years, including around the time of the crash, so I was very fond of them both. “The helicopter crash was really bad but they just got on with it and married. “Mike was a very affable guy, fantastically business-like. It’s a real loss and has come as quite a shock.”

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