Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Chris up for eviction and £10,000 added to the prize fund!

Chris has become the final housemate to be put up for eviction this week- which has boosted the prize fund by £10,000.

Today, the producers begun this weeks theme, the  ‘Power Of Money’, which gives housemates the chance to boost the winners jackpot by £25,000.

However, the first challenge came with a nominations twist, following last nights face to face nominations that resulted in Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston facing the public vote this week.

The three housemates still eligible to be nominated, Ash, Ashleigh and Chris were instructed in alphabetical order to pick out of three sealed envelopes, containing either £1,000, £5,00 or £10,000.

The existing nominees were then told that they had to pick out of Ash, Ashleigh and Chris to join them in facing the public vote this week. The amount the person they chose was holding in their envelope would be added to the prize fund.

“If we go based on who got nominated yesterday, Chris got a nomination and those two didn’t get one each,” reasoned Pav.

“Looking at the three of them and knowing them as well as I do, I think Chris would be the person least fazed by facing the public vote and perhaps is the person that has the least thirst and desire to be in the final,” added Christopher.

Finally, the housemates decided to nominate Chris, the actor then opened his envelope to reveal the £10,000 figure- resulting in the housemates jumping for joy.

Therefore, Chris, Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston all face the public vote this week. Channel 5 have confirmed that two of the nominated housemates will leave this week in a double eviction.

Meanwhile, the jackpot currently stands a £110,000, the largest prize in BBUK history. This could change as throughout this week housemates will have the chance to add another £15,000 to the jackpot.

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