Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Nominations twist, The Dome!

Despite just 24 hours ago being promised that it would be normal nominations this weekend, there will a nominations twist as two housemates go head to head.


Earlier this afternoon Big Brother gathered housemates to tell them the details about their new task called The Dome.

Audley Harrison and James Jordan will be going head to head as they try and stay the longest underneath a glass dome in the garden. The rules are simple, if you leave the dome first, you loose.

Both Audley and James will be supported by a team of housemates, the team that lasts the longest will win a luxury reward whilst the loosing team will receive nothing. However there will be a few twists as various temptations will be offered to both Audley and James to get them to leave the dome.

And in a further twist, the winner of the task will win immunity from nominations this Sunday while the loser will automatically be but up for eviction this week.

Team leaders Gary and Audley picked their teams, with Audley going first.

He chose George, Dee, Lauren, Claire and Kelly while James picked Stephanie, Ricci, Edele, Gary and Frenchy.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 5.

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