Saturday, 2 December, 2023

The X Factor 2014: WATCH: Reece Bibby wow the Judges!

15 year old Reece Bibby won over the hearts of the judges and the public after his audition which was shown on tonight’s episode.

Reece sang Disclosure’s Latch and received LOADS of praise from the judges.

Mel B started off the gushing by saying: “Man, I loved it! I wanted to stand up and applaud!”

Cheryl backed her up with: “I think your voice is incredible.” Not exactly the phone number he was hoping for, but definitely the next best thing.

And Simon gave a comment that was taken out of context makes him sound like President Snow from The Hunger Games: “You have got to kill.” But also he gave Reece a yes along with the other 3 judges,

The age boundary for contestants was lowered this year, causing much controversy, but young Reece is definitely proof that lowering it wasn’t a completely ridiculous idea.

We could tell Simon approved of the teenage talent as Reece left with his hopes and more importantly, his guitar, intact. (#Win)

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