Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Gary Busey gets a warning over nudity!

Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother, Gary Busey gets a warning over his NUDITY in the Celebrity Big Brother house.


The situation started when Gary, Dee, James and George were in the kitchen. Gary was experiencing a problem with his long standing knee injury. So in an attempt to try and sort out his leg brace he pulls down his trousers exposing his naked bottom, (as he is not wearing any underwear)  to his fellow housemates.

James is gobsmacked by the situation and when Dee looks over and sees what is happening, she tells James to sort it out. Dee becomes increasingly annoyed but George replies “What can you do? I’m not a professional. I don’t know how to deal with that situation”

However Gary doesn’t seem to understand that what he is doing may cause offence to some of his fellow housemates as he explains to James that he had to sort his leg out. James replied“I wear underpants. I don’t sit on chairs with my bare bottom. That’s not right, Gary. And there’s ladies in here who shouldn’t see your c**k and balls”

Gary proceeds to tell James that “you exaggerate so much that a therapist would have a ball with you” Gary then turns to Dee and asks if she was offended and she says she was.

Dee reasons, “I’ve never walked into a kitchen and seen someone with his trousers down…if I’d seen a pair of boxer shorts, I probably wouldn’t have been so shocked. I didn’t expect to come in the kitchen and see Gary Busey’s bits!”

Later Big Brother called Gary to the Diary Room to remind him about acceptable standards of behavior in the house regarding nudity. Gary goes on to apologize to Big Brother stating that he was only dealing with his knee injury adding that it was “a very scary moment for me” Big Brother suggests that he should ask for assistance in the future.

On the sofas, Edele asks Gary how he upset people. Gary explains that “Dee came in when I had my pants down putting on a knee pad” and that James got upset and wouldn’t let him talk.

In the kitchen, James comments to Dee and George, “If you don’t know right from wrong, you shouldn’t be in this House”.

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