Louis Smith alleged sex tape sold, now it’s about to be leaked online!


A secret solo sex tape has reportedly been sold online, according to The Sun.

The x rated footage was made by the Olympic gymnast three years ago during a Skype chat with a model, however is set to be released into the public domain very soon.

This hasn’t come in good timing for Louis as he is a judge on the TV show Tumble, with the final ending last night. A source told the newspaper that “It’s terrible for Louis. He’s desperate for a TV career but tumble is aimed at a family audience”.

They also said how it may affect him in future too, adding “it’s unfair this could damage him all these years on.”

A few short days ago however prior to this, the Tumble judge posted a kind thank you to his 200,000 twitter fans, which regarded his responsibilities to be a role model to young people who may look up to him.

“Just want to say to all my fans who write tweet and message me that I love you all and your support” he tweeted, adding “I try my best to set a good example #crewluv.”

This was all oblivious to him however, that within a few days his sex tape could potentially be released. Despite this, the gymnast went on twitter this morning ignoring all acknowledgements of the report.

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