Wednesday, 8 February, 2023

Aston Merrygold signs record deal with Warner Bros!

Nine months after the split of JLS, Aston has been signed to a record label.

Having been working in the studio on new solo material, Merrygold announced on Instagram that he is now signed to WB.

His post saw him say he “was lucky enough to be a part of what [he] thinks is one of the best boy bands this country has ever produced!” and that he hasn’t “sat back and enjoyed the thought of being signed to a record label on his own”.

Now he can get on with moving forward with his career and dreams of being back doing what he loves the most, performing, he has promised his fans that it’s “going to be a bumpy, but fun ride” which is so exciting for all of his supporters.

Aston’s fellow bandmates/brothers have all said their congratulations on the massive news and next stage he has just begun in his career, and it is so nice to see the tight-knit support that still stands amongst them.

We wish Aston the very best with his new label and cannot wait to hear his solo material.

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