Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Jeremy Clarkson about number plate row ‘we did nothing wrong’!

Jeremy Clarkson has taken to social media to shows his views about the Argentina situation.

The crew of the BBC show Top Gear were kicked out of the country after ‘war veterans’ protested about the presenters registration number, H982 FKL.

At 6AM this morning (in United Kingdom) Jeremy Clarkson took to twitter with a string of tweets saying that they did “nothing wrong”.

“All TG crew now safely out of Argentina. I just got back to UK. Horrified to see so many newspapers have the story completely wrong”

“The number plate WAS a coincidence. When it was pointed out to us, we changed it. As pics in this morning’s Mail show. And these war veterans we upset. Mostly they were in their 20s. Do the maths.”

Pictures of the cars after being stoned | Credit: Twitter
Pictures of the cars after being stoned | Credit: Twitter

“They threw us out for the political capital. Thousands chased crew to border. Someone could have been killed.”

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The presenter told The Sun newspaper: “I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan but this was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever been involved in,

“They were hurling rocks and bricks at our cars. I am convinced the mob was state-organised.”

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