Saturday, 2 December, 2023

LuvBug’s debut single ‘Resonance’ charts at Number 9!

The three piece collective, LuvBug have charted at number 9 in the download charts for their debut single Resonance.


LuvBug, made up of Marvin Humes, JKAY and White N3rd have released their first song after working with each other for many months.

The collective have said they have around 50 songs already which some of which will feature on their debut album. Resonance features Tally Riley and LuvBug have been and are hoping to work with many more talents in the music industry in the future, including Marvin’s old bandmates JB and Aston.

An album will be appearing from LuvBug next year at some point and they are hoping to be a part of some festivals and tour a little to get their name around and for fans to be able to see them perform live.

The three boys went on to The Big Top 40 where they found out where they charted and Marvin was interviewed for it on his own chart show!

Charting at number 9 meant a lot to them for their first single and they said “It feels a bit surreal, everyones been loving it. Thank you to everyone who bought it.”

We wish them all the best for future singles and albums.

You can listen to Resonance right here:


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