Saturday, 2 December, 2023

PICTURE: Gino D’acampo gets naked in latest Celebrity Juice challenge!

Gino D’acampo has (finally) got NAKED in a Celebrity Juice challenge, but it wasn’t his fault…

Gino D’acampo and Melanie Sykes, the famous TV couple had to pretend they were ‘out’ with each other and get dirty in the latest Celebrity Juice challenge.

Gino and Mel in the latest Celebrity Juice challenge got into bed with each other and started to get all naughty and dirty. Slight awkward. BUT Keith then appeared and completely stripped Gino of his clothes.

Keith said: “On TV you are Mr and missus – and what do husband and wife do when they get drunk?”

Gino replied: “They fall asleep?”

This doesn’t look like ‘falling asleep’ Gino, does it?

Credit: ITV | The Mirror
Credit: ITV | The Mirror

Watch an exclusive clip on The Mirror.

Celebrity Juice is on tonight, ITV2 at 10pm. Then we can really find out what this was about.

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