Saturday, 2 December, 2023

The X Factor 2014: Stephanie Nala targeted by Twitter trolls!

It’s been a tough week for The X Factor’s Stephanie Nala as she’s sadly been targeted by trolls on Twitter.

The former Luminites singer survived a sing-off against boyband Overload Generation after being saved by the public votes when it went to deadlock.

Since then, Nala has unfortunately received some unpleasant comments from users on the social networking site. She quickly responded by begging the trolls to ‘stop telling her to die’

“It was honestly the worst feeling being in a sing off with people you love and bonded with,” she tweeted.

The Hertfordshire hopeful returns to the X Factor stage this weekend and is determined to impress the judges by singing Call Me by Blondie.

Watch Stephanie Nala’s debut  X Factor Live Shows performance below:

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