Saturday, 2 December, 2023

McBusted announce their self-titled debut album for December!

It has finally happened. McBusted have announced their first ever debut album together!

McBusted Artwork
McBusted Artwork

The title of the new album is called… ‘McBusted’, a lot of imagination has gone into that.

‘McBusted’ the first album is set to be released this December, ready for the Christmas shoppers to get their hands on it. Everyone loves a great album for Christmas.

The tracklisting for McBusted:

  1. Air Guitar
  2. Hate Your Guts (Feat. Mark Hoppus)
  3. What Happened To Your Band
  4. Get Over It
  5. Riding On My Bike
  6. Gone
  7. Sensitive Guy
  8. Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest
  9. Before You Knew Me
  10. Back In Time
  11. How’s My Hair?
  12. Getting It Out

Deluxe Edition tracks:

  1. 23:59
  2. In Da Club
  3. I See Red

Since McBusted have finished their first arena tour together, they’ve surprised fans with a movie! TourPlay is a behind-the-scenes film showing what McBusted were getting up to on their first year as a band. It’s set to be shown in Vue cinemas nationwide on October 28.

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