Friday, 29 September, 2023

Big Brother at risk as Channel 5 bosses try to improve their image!

Big Brother could potentially be at risk as Channel 5 try to improve 'trashy' image.

Despite Big Brother being Channel 5’s most watched series pulling in over 4 million viewers for its celebrity shows, the end could be near.

As it stands, no official announcement has been made about the renewal of the show, which last series ended last September before Viacom’s takeover of Channel 5 was complete.

However it does seem certain that Big Brother will be getting at least another series on Channel 5. But it appears that viewers may have to go out of their way to watch it.

According to the Independent, who cite “sources at the broadcaster”, Channel 5 is set to undergo a major re-brand in a bid to “define its own identity”. Part of this is “likely” to mean Big Brother becoming more of a niche show with a “late-night” schedule, beyond its current usual 10PM time slot.

This may not be welcomed between fans as it means they may have to stay up later to watch the show. But it appears that Viacom, who are behind the likes of channel MTV and shows such as Geordie Shore, are said to be hoping to target more “upmarket viewers”.

It’s said that bosses believe that Big Brother “loyal” audience will follow the show around the schedules, even if it does not begin to air until gone 11PM.

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