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X Factor 2014: Lauren Platt denies romance with another contestant!

X Factor contestant Lauren Platt has denied romance with fellow contestant Charlie.

Lauren has denied the rumors that she has been in a romantic relationship with Only The Young singer Charlie.

Lauren Platt X Factor
Credit: X Factor / Twitter

The rumors surfaced this weekend, suggesting that Lauren was seeing Charlie, despite having a boyfriend who is currently in hospital having knee surgery.

An insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “This has been going on for weeks. Charlie has fancied Lauren for a while, and while she isn’t as keen as him, they have been messing around.”

However both Charlie and Lauren have denied the rumors, claiming that they are just good friends.

Charlie said on the topic “I’d love to get with some of the girls in the house, I think they’re all gorgeous, Chloe and Stevi had a little thing… Lauren’s a lovely girl but I don’t have the time, honestly.”

He added: “We’re just really good friends, she’s got a lovely boyfriend, I love him, he’s a lovely guy. it’s a shame boys and girls can’t be friends.”

Lauren also denies the rumors “There’s been lots of allegations about me and Charlie from Only The Young, having secret meet ups but I’d just like to make it clear that Charlie is my best friend.

“Sorry to disappoint.”

The X Factor continues this Saturday on ITV at 8pm with a Michael Jackson vs Queen theme, after Disco theme has been ditched.

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