Monday, 5 June, 2023

X Factor 2014: Stereo Kicks have a last minute song change before live shows!

It’s been chaotic for X Factor 2014’s group Stereo Kicks as they’ve had a last minute song change.


The X Factor is back this Saturday on ITV with the theme ‘Big Band Week’ and it seems Stereo Kicks’ week, has been ‘worthless’.

Why has it been ‘worthless’? Well 24 hours before the X Factor is back on our TV, the groups mention Louis Walsh has changed the groups song. Time to practice again, boys!

The group tweeted; “so guys.. we’ve made a massive decision to change our song after a chat with Louis. we hope 1 day is enough to learn a brand new song!!”

One of the members, Casey Johnson previously shared: “Choreography went well! This is gonna be a BIG week!!!”

This means the big eight-piece group will have to practice extra hard to avoid the bottom two again this week.

X Factor returns this weekend with Olly Murs and Nicole Scherzinger performing this Sunday on the results.

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