Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Children in Need 2014 peaked with 9.81 million on BBC One!

The ratings are in for last night’s annual Children In Need show on BBC One.

Copyright: BBC
Copyright: BBC

It has been confirmed Children In Need peaked with 9.81 million viewers on BBC One last night.

The average viewers ratings were 4.21 million when it switched to BBC Two at 10pm.

When Children In Need returned back to BBC One after its 45 minutes on BBC Two, it was seen by 2.76 million.

Children In Need went live on BBC One at 7:30pm last night (15th November). From 7:30pm to 10pm, the show was seen by (an average) audience of 8.29 million.

Children In Need raised over £32 million for Charity last night, beating last years final show total.

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