Holly Willoughby named ‘UK mothers’ favourite celebrity role model’!


Holly Willoughby has been crowed the title UK’s favourite celebrity role model, for the second time.


The results from the poll were from the United Kingdom (only) as mothers across the country took part to name the UK’s favourite celebrity role model.

Holly Willoughby has been named UK’s favourite celebrity role model, for the second time. Holly was crowed with the title last year as well.

Katie Hilton who conducted the poll said to Hello: “The survey results suggest that mums in the UK relate to down-to-earth celebrity mothers over glamorous, Hollywood celebrities,”

“Her role on This Morning means that Holly Willoughby is somebody that mums wake up with in the morning when we are getting the kids ready for school or nursery.

“She comes across as very grounded and unpretentious, and mums like to talk to other women that can relate to.”

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