Forum Rules

Community Guidelines:


1.0 – Privacy/Information
Do not post personal email addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information on the forums. General contact information (that displayed on a company’s ‘Contact Us’ page, for example) is fine. Please do not reveal your personal information on the forums. This includes your full name, email address, post codes, home address or phone numbers.

2.0 – Copyright
Do not reproduce complete texts/images to which you do not own the copyright. When linking to articles elsewhere on the Internet, you can quote the first few lines and then provide a link to the content in full. If quoting other media, be sure to cite your source.

3.0 – Offensive Material
You must not post messages that are vulgar, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive. We will not tolerate offensive, immature or unconstructive postings.

4.0 – Pornographic images/adult material
Posts containing links to adult content are not tolerated. You will be banned.

5.0 – Illegal activity 
Discussions regarding illegal activities such as ‘chipping’, ‘patching’ and methods of distributing copyrighted material for free are not permitted.

6.0 – Advertising, External Links & Surveys
We only permit links to third-party sites when they are relevant to ongoing discussion. Any Users posting URLs of sites excessively or in a way which could be construed as advertising are liable to have their right to post removed.

Click here for details on advertising at TwitCelebGossip.

7.0 – Respect
While you are of course welcome to disagree with other members, we will not tolerate posts which insult, belittle, bait or otherwise antagonise forum members. This includes posts which disrespectfully label others posters as ‘fanboys’, ‘haters’ or similar.

8.0 – Premium phone numbers
Due to ICSTIS regulations we are unable to permit the publication of premium rate numbers on the forum. Please do not go around the filter to post these.

9.0 Multiple Accounts
We allow one account per person. If there is more than one person using your computer or network to access the forums, please contact us to avoid any confusion further down the line. Registering an account after having been banned (temporarily or permanently) is not permitted and will result in all linked accounts being terminated.



  • We are not responsible nor liable for third-party websites.
  • Please post topics in the appropriate forum category.
  • If you need any help, message a member of Staff in the forums, or send an email to: [email protected]
  • You must be over 16 to register for our forum. If you are under please obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before you register.