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Alton Towers Scarefest 2018: Project 42 is another level of scary that you have to experience this Halloween

Alton Towers have upped this year's Scarefest with four incredible scare mazes that are aimed for adults, a brand new chilling maze 'Project 42' is the scariest yet.

Alton Towers Resort reveals first details for Scarefest 2018

Alton Towers Resort have unveiled this year's plans for Scarefest 2018.

Roman Kemp, Matt Terry and Sophie Ellis-Bextor among those at Alton Towers’ Wicker Man launch party

Alton Towers Resort hosted an official Wicker Man launch party on Friday evening (March 16) and some huge names in the entertainment industry attended.

Alton Towers suggest that major rides will be closed during tomorrow’s opening day of the 2018 season

Alton Towers have suggested that due to the cold weather the parks major rides tomorrow will be closed.

Wicker Man: Everything we know about Alton Towers’ new wooden rollercoaster!

Wicker Man has been unearthed by Alton Towers as their new rollercoaster for 2018. This is everything we know, so far.

‘Wicker Man’ unearthed by Alton Towers as the name for SW8!

Wicker Man has been unearthed by Alton Towers as the name for Secret Weapon 8.

Alton Towers are selling ‘Log Flume’ items for charity, the ride was taken down for SW8!

Alton Towers have announced they're selling items from the 34 year-old Log Flume for charity.

Review: Alton Towers Scarefest 2016 – Hell arrives at the Resort!

Alton Towers are killing Halloween with their spooky scenery and attention to detail in all areas; the mazes are terrifying and the actors are intense.

Alton Towers Resort reveal theme of this year’s firework spectacular!

As the Theme Park season draws to a close, join the Alton Towers at the UK’s most sensational fireworks display that will send guests on an epic journey.

Two brand new spooky Scarefest attractions set for Alton Towers Resort!

Alton Towers Resort has unveiled its spook-tacular plans for Scarefest 2016.

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