Monday, 1 June, 2020
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Is BBC’s Let It Shine returning for a second series?

BBC's Let It Shine judge Martin Kemp has teased a second series of the show, it could be returning next year.

Gary Barlow’s new musical ‘The Band’ will be about five young GIRLS!

Despite Gary Barlow's recent TV search in 'Let It Shine' for a group of lads, his new musical will be about five young girls.

Let It Shine 2017: Peter Kay replaces Robbie Williams as guest judge!

Peter Kay has been announced to replace Robbie Williams as guest judge on the Let It Shine 2017 final.

Take That reunion planned for BBC’s Let It Shine finale!

Gary Barlow is trying to make the finale of his BBC show Let It Shine huge by arranging a Take That reunion.

Guest judges revealed for the first live show of BBC’s Let It Shine!

Guest judges have been revealed for the first live show of BBC One's Let It Shine.

Who won in the ratings battle? Gary Barlow’s Let It Shine on BBC or ITV’s The Voice UK?

Who won in the ratings battle? Was it BBC's Let It Shine or ITV's The Voice UK? It may surprise you.

Exclusive first look at BBC’s Let It Shine: Judges, Presenters and Set!

Let It Shine will be putting talented individuals through their paces, to create a band who will join the cast of a brand new stage show.