Verified Accounts

FAQ about TwitCelebGossip Verified Accounts.


What are ‘Verified Accounts’?

Any account that has a blue verified badge on their profile is a verified account. This means these accounts are real and verified by us.

Verified Badge


How can I find out which accounts are Verified?

You can find out which accounts are Verified by:

  • Looking on the users profile.
  • Next to their names on topics and replies.
  • Message them or ask a member of TwitCelebGossip Staff.

How can I find out who is TwitCelebGossip Staff?

Any account that has a green tick badge on their profile is part of TwitCelebGossip Staff. You should always contact these members if you have any problems on the forums or website.

Staff Member Badge


How can I get Verified?

Where you see your Profile details on the sidebar (right of your screen) found in the forums, you can click ‘Request Verification’ to send a request to us. We will then review your application and if you meet our standards, we will verify you.

I sent a Verification request, but I’m still not Verified?

We are currently verifying people who are active and contributing to our forums greatly. We also verify people who are key individuals in their chosen topics, and celebrities/managements. Keep applying if you believe you need a Verified account.